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The MBT Shoes Cerebrese is a main battle tank produced and operated by the Confederation of the New Free Planets Alliance. Despite its use by the Free Planets Ground Force and Marine Corps, it is named after Star Fleet Admiral Robert Cerebrese, who is best remembered for his logistical wizardry and defense of a supply base on a planetary moon in the Van Fleet system. After a few initial stumbles, the MBT Shoes UK is now a modern, well armed and well armored battle tank designed for modern armored warfare. Notable features of the tank include its designed flexibility and high level of technology designed to allow it to operate both independently as well as part of an integrated battle group. Early designs were also notable for their great weight, although the most recent design revision has greatly reduced this. The MBT UK shoes is the first main battle tank designed in the NFPA and has no true predecessor in terms of combat role, although it traces its role lineage millennia back to the age of armored warfare on Earth. It is anticipated to remain in service for at least the next twenty years depending on need and technological progression.

Five main versions have been deployed, beginning with the first production model MBT, and continuing with the updated MBT Shoes Mens & MBT Shoes Womens, and the current MBT trainers. and the current All three updated designs bring modifications to the base design, with the MBT focusing on defensive upgrades and the MBT shoes bringing improved offensive capabilities. The Cheap MBT shoes UK was a more pervasive overhaul, drastically modifying almost every feature of the tank to a degree that has caused some to lobby for the MBT 01A3's reclassification as a new tank, although since the base chassis design remains the same, the Defense Force retained the MBT Clearance designation. The Great War was traditionally a space conflict, and as a result, the FPA had little reason to develop a large ground force aside from light infantry vehicles for security purposes. Continued ground combat against the Empire convinced the Alliance to take some steps toward improving its ground force, and a series of infantry fighting vehicles and light tanks were developed to provide greater firepower for ground engagements. Even these vehicles, however, proved to be too lightweight when compared to Imperial forces, who were required to maintain a large ground force due to the large number of uprisings and riots they often faced. This inadequacy was clearly demonstrated at the Battle of Van Fleet, when a relatively small Imperial armored force was able to cripple an Alliance supply base despite the best efforts of the Rosenritter infantry division, swatting aside the Armstrong tanks assigned to protect the base. Although a relatively small skirmish, the Battle of Van Fleet 4 2 forced the Alliance to abandon one of its offensives against Iserlohn Fortress, essentially forcing a 60,000 ship offensive to grind to a halt.

Work began immediately to design a more capable series of vehicles, but this work was abandoned following the disastrous invasion of the Galactic Empire, after which all available resources were focused toward rebuilding the Star Fleet and research budgets across the board were slashed. Hopes for a new vehicle series were further quashed when the Empire forced the Alliance to sign the Treaty of Barlat, which heavily restricted military development and spending in addition to completely eliminating military expansion. No further efforts to develop a heavier combat vehicle were to be undertaken until the era of the MBT shoes UK, some 100 years later. Early conditions in the MBT shoes mens Planets Alliance did not permit the design or construction of a new vehicle series; in addition to lacking infrastructure and resources, the fledgling NFPA lacked the expertise required to develop and field new weapons. Thus, the M17 Armstrong and its stablemates were pressed into service again during the Unification Wars, with their superior technology allowing them to survive against heavier foes, although their flexibility and suitability for field battle was still limited. Originally, the MBT shoes womens Cerebrese were to share the same basic chassis, but demonstrations early in the design process showed this to be an inefficient proposition and the requirement was dropped. Nonetheless, the early MBT trainers retained the same four bogey layout as the XM20, and initially maintained the signature high mounted, unmanned turret. This layout was abandoned when it was decided the design was unnecessarily complex and provided no real benefit for open terrain operations. A conventional tank layout was selected, with a two bogey track system and a large hull with slim turret.